Electrical & Piping Disconnect, Reconnect, & Voltage Conversion

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Your sensitive equipment is prone to fluctuations in electrical current, and those fluctuations can cause extensive damage. IRC specializes in electrical disconnection, re-connection and voltage conversion, including international conversions, ensuring that your equipment receives the correct voltage and megahertz. Our experienced teams are always ready and trained to meet your needs, no matter where you’re moving to or from.

Electrical Solutions

Our electrical services include a wide range of options, including service runs for equipment, control wiring, instrumentation, I/O controls and code compliance modifications. We can wire and rewire most machinery, and wire control systems from design drawings. Additionally, we offer machine voltage conversions, including foreign equipment voltage conversions, as well as integrating frequency drives as well as their programming.

You can count on us to rebuild and repair machine controls and to ensure electrical safety with OSHA upgrades. We cover all hazardous area electrical needs, control troubleshooting, and PLC and SLC design and hookup. Our engineers can handle oven temperature controls, conveyor controls and design, and much more. Our teams are equipped to handle all types of electrical systems and provide for all of your needs for DC drive systems, machine interfacing, fire sensing & control, and transformer tap changes.

Avoid unnecessary and expensive downtime during a plant relocation due to debugging and troubleshooting issues related to control wiring. IRC has developed a very successful color coded matchmarking system that is used company-wide to quickly and confidently re-connect complex control wiring on relocated machinery.

Mechanical & Process Piping

Mechanical and process piping is used for a wide range of manufacturing needs in a plant. Whether they provide the air supply, or chemicals or other materials to standard plant layouts or underground process systems. We offer piping systems, high-pressure pipe systems, tank farm construction and silos, and even handle cooling towers and service piping. Our capabilities cover a wide range of materials, including:

• Screw Pipe

• Weld Pipe

• Stainless

• Copper



• Iron

• Fiberglass

Move Forward with Skilled Electrical, Mechanical & Process Piping Construction

Moving and decommissioning a manufacturing plant requires a tremendous amount of teamwork & planning, and has a lot of moving parts. IRC is a professional plant relocation and decommission contractor based in Atlanta, Georgia and Monterrey, Mexico, that offers services such as; equipment selling, equipment disposal, rigging, full shipping logistics, teardown, setup, electrical conversion and much more. IRC has also developed a specialized Tag Coding system which match-marks all separations and electrical/piping connections so that upon re-assembly, everything works as it should. This coded match-marking system is trained to all IRC personnel and utilized company-wide which eliminates extensive downtime and debugging while expediting the relocation.

You can be confident with IRC.