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Briggs & Stratton Corporation

Relocated two plants turn-key. First plant relocation from Menomonee Falls, WI to Auburn, AL. The second plant relocation was then awarded to IRC which relocated from Milwaukee, WI to Statesboro, GA.


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes contracted IRC to completely remove the entire automated body shop machinery and processes from their Vance, Alabama, facility. IRC handled this utilizing two 12-hour shifts, with over 120 trained personnel. The entire project was completed within the critical 21-day timeframe, without accidents or injury and on budget.



IRC was contracted to upgrade the robotic line previously installed by IRC at the Freightliner Mount Holly, North Carolina, facility involving removal of sections of the automated lines and installation of updated robotic sections. The work had to be completed only during shut-down periods of time. This included modification and fabrication of components on site. The work was completed ahead of schedule with accolades from the customer.


Hirata Engineering Corporation

Greenville, South Carolina—Disassembly of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic connections for a large screen CRT manufacturing plant. Project included disconnection of utilities, dismantling equipment, rigging, packaging, and crating of over 865 overseas containers with components including conveyers, chemical stations, and process manufacturing facilities for transoceanic shipment to facilities in Foshan, China.


Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.

This project involved relocation of the entire plant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Salem, Virginia. Scope of work involved reconfiguring all of the electrical and process piping needed for the reconfiguration of machinery. IRC also coordinated the shipping logistics from Milwaukee to Salem. Some of the machinery relocated included high-pressure boilers, freeze dryers, fermenters, and centrifuges. A complete laboratory with walk-in cooler, autoclaves, incubators, and homogenizer were also involved in the plant relocation.


Utica Enterprises, Inc.

Mount Holly, North Carolina—Installation of roof assembly for Freightliner Crew Cab manufacturing lines. Work included relocation of all machinery, platforms and setting of robotic stands, fixtures, and control panels including electrical, mechanical, air, and hydraulics assembly and disassembly.


Firestone Corporation (Three Plant Relocation Projects)

Henderson, Nevada—Performed BGE line relocation to from Henderson, Nevada to Wellford, South Carolina, including electrical and mechanical disconnect and demolition of process components. Work included rigging, packaging and crating of rolls, conveyers, control panels, pumps, cooling bay, etc.

Wellford, South Carolina—Demolition of existing facility in order to retrofit process manufacturing line. Work included installation and assembly of process manufacturing line and connection of distribution panels and switchgear.

Denver, Colorado—Plant relocation and new facility construction of process manufacturing lines. Work included design and installation of laminator system, mixing, tank farms, conveyers, chillers, and QC laboratory. Constructed concrete structures for facility retrofit of plant components.


Copeland Corporation (Three Plant Relocations)

Sydney, Ohio—Disconnected an entire scroll compressor production line, including machinery, conveyors, and robotics. We then relocated half of the line to Lebanon, Missouri, and the other half to Rayong, Thailand

Lebanon, Missouri—Placed and reconnected machinery, creating a new production line. Scope involved electrical and piping reconnection for machinery, conveyors, panel boxes, and robotics. We also performed modifications on-site during the project.

Rayong, Thailand—Placed and reconnected machinery for creation of the Summit Assembly line. Scope involved electrical and piping reconnection for machinery, conveyors, and panel boxes. We adjusted production line configurations for modifications. Handled all overseas shipping.


Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation (Three Plant Relocations)

Mulheim, Germany—Turnkey relocation of equipment from Mulheim, Germany, to Fort Payne, Alabama, and Charlotte, North Carolina, including dismantling, crating, shipping, installation, precision laser alignment, and modification of electrical from European to American voltages.

Charlotte, North Carolina—Installed coil insertion lines, which we relocated from Mulheim, Germany. We also relocated two ovens and machine tools from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Scope of work involved setting the machinery and electrical and piping reconnection.

Fort Payne, Alabama—Plant re-arrangement to allow for incoming equipment from Germany. Then, relocated equipment from Mulheim, Germany. Scope of work involved dismantling in Germany, crating, shipping to USA, delivering, setting machinery and electrical and piping reconnection.


US Gypsum Facility, Gypsum Manufacturer

Various projects, including extending kiln platforms, installing fall restraint systems, and installation of equipment including electrical connections, sensors, and fuel system in the mine.


International Paper Facility, Manufacturer of Sealed Paper Cartons

Mechanical and electrical installation of sealers, lines, packers, and feeders in Lakeland, FL and other International Paper locations.


Lakeland Regional Medical Center, Inc., Hospital Laundry Facility

Turnkey relocation of complete laundry facility to new and expanded building which was constructed on property. Including electrical, mechanical, and piping disconnect, reconnect, and transportation.


Lance, Inc./Vista Bakery, Food Product Manufacturer

Turnkey relocation of 300 foot long robotic oven lines, including blending, cutting, baking and packaging, from Columbia, South Carolina, to Burlington, Iowa. Includes electrical and mechanical disconnect, reconnect, and transport.

Due to Lances’ purchase of Toms Snacks, IRC was contracted to relocate the equipment lines from Columbus, GA to Charlotte, NC. 


CF Sauer

Food product manufacturer of mayonnaise. Scope: Turnkey relocation of entire mayonnaise plant from Bama Foods in Birmingham, Alabama, to CF Sauer facility in Mauldin, South Carolina. Includes dismantling equipment, transportation, setting, aligning and leveling, electrical and mechanical disconnect and reconnect of all utilities.


Cutler Hammer/EATON

Manufacturer of switch gear control centers. Scope: Installation and relocation of existing and new machinery. Optical alignment. Rearrangement of manufacturing equipment and lines for plant expansions. Sumter, SC – Greenwood, SC – Oxnard, CA



Manufacturer of acrylic fibers for industry. Scope: Coordinate the turnkey location of manufacturing plant from Williamsburg, Virginia, to Dalton, Georgia. Including complete electrical/mechanical disconnect and reconnect. Also included concrete foundation installation.


Outboard Marine Corporation

Manufacturer of Outboard Marine Products Scope: Relocation of Machinery within plants, across Country and Internationally. Turnkey. Andrews, NC – Milwaukee, IL – Chicago, IL – Burnsville, NC – Mexico


Modine Manufacturing Company

Manufacturer of thermal cooling units. Scope: Relocated entire manufacturing plant from McHenry, IL to Blythewood, SC.


Hitachi Electronic Devices, USA

CRT picture tube manufacturing plant. Scope: Coordinate, unload, uncrate and set in place over 400, 40 foot overseas containers of machinery arriving through ports in Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia, from Japan, Korea and Singapore.



Power distribution. Scope: Major plant relocation (plant closing) moving from Visalia, California, to Sumter, South Carolina. Includes over-dimensional loads, electrical and mechanical disconnect and reconnect. Conveyor systems were reconfigured and IRC modified PLC programming. Visalia, CA plant closed over a weekend.


H. K. Porter / Wiss: Manufacturer of Bolt Cutters and Jaws of Life Scope

Major turnkey plant relocation of 97 air-ride truckloads of heavy manufacturing machinery from Boston, Massachusetts, to Statesboro, Georgia.


Saab Aircraft of America

North American distribution point for all Saab Aircraft. Scope: Major relocation of warehouse and distribution facility in Herndon, Virginia. Critical tracking system utilized.


AVX Corporation

Electronic parts manufacturer. Scope: Consolidation and plant relocation of CRL facilities to new Air Force Base facility. Plants relocated from Conway and Myrtle Beach, SC.


Square D Company

Fabricator of electrical distribution panels. Scope: Major in-plant rearrangements and installation of new lines of machinery in Seneca, South Carolina.


Cummins Diesel Engine

Fabrication and manufacturer of piston rings and related apparatus. Scope: In-plant machinery relocation, piping, electrical and foundations. Flowery Branch, GA.


American KOYO Corporation

Metal machining and bearing manufacturing. Scope: Transport, load and offload from port to facility and completely install various machining lines. Blythewood, SC.


Owens Corning Fiberglass

Insulation products. Scope: Complete demolition of Insulation Products Line in Canton, Georgia. Included terminating and pulling all electrical wire, scrapping of machinery, materials, etc. and removing beams from concrete.


Cascade Corporation

Manufacturer of forklift telescoping masts. Scope: In-plant relocation and installation of machinery. Electrical/mechanical additions. Westminster, South Carolina.



Manufacturer of commercial freezer compressors. Scope: Install ovens, wash systems and conveyors. Lawrenceville, Georgia.


Piedmont Products

Plastic extrusion / injection molding. Scope: Off load and install injection mold machines. Anderson, South Carolina.


American Laundry Machinery, Inc

Manufacturer of large industrial laundry equipment. Scope: Complete turn-key installation of very large laundry equipment in hospitals, hotels and government facilities across U. S.


Cooper Plumb / Cooper Tools

Manufacturer of hammers. Plant Relocation from Sumter, SC to  Monroe, North Carolina. Complete plant relocation of the Jaws of Life Plant from Boston, MA to Statesboro, SC.


Bosch Corporation

Manufacturer of automobile ignition and fuel parts. Various line installations and relocations. Anderson, South Carolina and North Charleston, SC.


Rexroth Worldwide Hydraulics

Manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and valves. Various line installations and plant relocations from Wooster, Ohio and Fountain Inn, South Carolina.


J. P. Stevens/West Point Pepperell

Fabrics manufacturer. Seneca, SC and Greenville, South Carolina.


Telex Division of Memorex

Manufacturer of telephone communication systems. Relocated entire manufacturing plant and warehouse from Longwood, Florida, to Dallas, Texas.


Baxter Travenol

Manufacturer of kidney dialysis machines. Plant Relocation within St. Petersburg, Florida.


Shat-R-Shield Company

Manufacturer of plastic seal coating for florescent light tubes. Plant Relocation from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, to Salisbury, North Carolina.


Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc

Manufacturer of electrical components and Turbines and  Generators. Plant Relocations, Line Relocations and Installations. Spartanburg, South Carolina.


Danfoss, Inc

Manufacturer of  compressors. Plant Relocation from Augusta, GA to Easley, South Carolina.

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